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Motivation and Mental Health

Amy’s life experience in these brief 29 years have taught her…how much more there is to learn! Yet, she has also learned lessons through her beautiful detour that have inspired others with my message of hope, gratitude, and resilience. She hopes to shed light on the true power of the human spirit – the strength that is within all of us, and the fierce, determined passion we are capable in accessing when we decide to live our best lives. Reach out to her using the contact form below to contact Amy and find out additional information.


Gutless & Grateful

Amy has developed a comprehensive program based off her one-woman musical comedy. This workshop has curriculum individualized specifically for different audiences, including: Patients, Doctors, Medical Students, Health-care Professionals, High Schools, Colleges, Artists, Writers, Spirituality & Faith, Sexual Assault Survivors, Trauma-informed PTSD Survivors, Corporate Events & Leadership.

Compassionate Courage: Sexual Assault Prevention

Combining mental health advocacy and sexual assault prevention with autobiographical theatre, a talkback on resiliency, and a recovery Q & A, Compassionate Courage shifts the college ethos towards inclusion, to give courage and a sense of belonging to students who are struggling with mental health or physical challenges, and to help build a campus that gives survivors, bystanders and entire student body an awareness and generosity of spirit to creates a compassionate community.


Writing Workshops

Expressive writing has the power to transform our lives, shape our world, and drive a community ethos toward inclusion with the magic of one word: Detours. No one else can document the “detours” our own lives have taken, yet we’ve all experienced them. Once we choose to become the authors of our own personal stories and detoured pathways, we find our place in the narrative that unites us all, enabling us to engage our community in a vital conversation on how we view obstacles.

Art Workshop

Local artist Amy Oestreicher is excited to start offering her mixed media “Show Me Your heART” workshops. Through eclectic materials, unique insights, messy fun and guided prompts, Show Me Your heART inspires people of all ages to discover creativity as a means of personal expression and making beautiful, personal art. Through mixed media art, participants will discover what being in the “flow” of creativity feels like, and use art as a way to navigate through life’s messy detours.


Detourist Workshop

Detourist workshops bring people together from all ages, professions and backgrounds, celebrating the detours that make us who we are. Using the Detour Road Map to Resilience* participants will claim their Detourist identity by discovering arrows to navigate through life’s messy detours. Detourists workshops can include engaging discussions, writing prompts, art activities, theatre games story-circles, and plenty more surprises along the way.

College Workshops

Gutless & Grateful strives to shift an entire college ethos in the direction of inclusion – partly to give courage and a sense of belonging to people who are struggling with all kinds of mental health or physical challenges, but also to help build a campus that gives everyone the kind of awareness and generosity of spirit that makes that world a better place. This is an easy program to put on—a 90 minute, 3 component keynote/program including: 1) 70 minute performance, 2) an educational session/speech discussing an empowered approach to mental health (or topic of choice), and 3) Q&A.


Private Coaching

Everyone encounters a detour in life. Whether it’s healing from a break-up, a breakdown, or an unexpected twist in your path, we all need help knowing which direction to travel. To help you overcome obstacles, manifest joy, or simply become ready for the next exciting chapter in life, the work you will do with Amy provides immediate inspiration, serious results and lasting knowledge. This can include private art sessions focusing on intuitive visualization, vision boarding and manifestation art. Amy can help you locate, reclaim and refocus your creative energy into a path to move forward

Business & Leadership

Amy has a variety of curriculums designed for groups and individuals. Speaking topics include: Simpler Than You Think: Four Essential Mindsets to Fuel Your Business with Aliveness, Harness the Power of Storytelling to Accelerate Your Career, Turn Your Career into in Idea Worth Spreading: Secrets from TEDx, You’re a Detourist: Your Detour Leads to a Bigger, Bolder Business, Staying Hungry for Life: Fueling Livelihood with Aliveness, More Than a Username: Creating Successful Careers through Storytelling on Social Media, and The Irreplaceable Speaker’s Secret: Find the Universal Message in Your Own Unique Story.

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Amy’s seemingly unlimited energy and enthusiasm is infectious.
— Talya Kingston, Professor of Theatre, School for Interdisciplinary Arts, Hampshire College