“Rarely have I seen narration and song so artfully meshed”
-Roy Sander, critic for BistroAwards


Amy the Playwright

As a playwright, Amy is driven by the power of stories. Initially, creating theatre enabled her to reframe her own catastrophic life events, and share her story through a universal narrative that reintegrated her into society. Since then, she has created full-length plays, monologues, musicals, one-acts, songs and stories to celebrate life’s beautiful detours and the ordinary miracles that surround us every day. Amy’s works have been performed by students across the country, and she have a few upcoming productions of new works, so stay tuned!

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In Amy Oestreicher’s “Factory Treasure,” ghosts haunt a factory, while their descendants argue about whether to sell or begin again. The conflict reopens wounds inherited from an older generation of Holocaust survivors. Inspired by the Moment Work of Tectonic Theatre, Oestreicher organizes the story in symphonic-like movements, combining scenes of realism with scenes of dream-like tableaux of music, puppetry, and dance. With great beauty, Oestreicher addresses the impact of intergenerational trauma. The story is highly moving and relevant; “Factory Treasure” reminds us that in a country of immigrants, the past is always with us.
— Lucretia Anne Flammang