Welcome to the New World Wide Web of Detours!

Hi Detourists!

I hope this month of August has been filled with sunny strolls outside, cool days with a sip of ice cold lemonade, and anything that makes this final month of summer feel like the relaxation, adventure, and freedom you deserve. And now, I hope you can join me in eagerly awaiting my favorite season of all…Autumn!

As the year starts, do you ever have visions or goals for yourself? I usually create a vision board when there are certain things I hope for the year to bring. This was a vision board I made in 2011 - when I first started painting - to visualize what I wanted for myself.


As years go by, our visions change, but the good news is…when can still CREATE!

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.”— Leo Burnett

So the vision I have for myself this year?

Simplicity and focus.

So where did I start?

Right here!

I am so excited for you to take a look around the new amyoes.com. And please - let me know what you think!

There are so many updates to share with you…

I’m selling my art as prints, originals….and also…many more things!


My book is out, and I’ll be touring with events and workshops…so stay posted on my events calendar!

And the premiere of my original multimedia solo musical Passageways: Songs of Connection, Abnormal & Sublime was a success, and all art sales will go towards a future run, hopefully soon! Check out the great reviews and photos so far.


What’s next? Many more exciting updates to share. But for now, I would love to hear from you!

Tell me what you think of the new site - I have lots of ideas for Detourists, blogs, worksheets, art, live performances, original music, book excerpts, videos, and many more surprises if you poke around! What would you like to hear, see, or talk more about?

And I’m always looking for YOUR detour stories for a #LoveMyDetour Why Not Wednesdays.

20160208_202945 (1).jpg

Remember - we ALL have detours in life. When we share them, it just makes it that much easier to travel! Check out the Guest Post Guidelines. for writing a Detourist Story. Can’t wait to here from you!

That’s all for now…but many more exciting twists and turns to come!

Safe travels, Detourists….and write me along the way!



Amy Oestreicher