It’s National Tell a Story Day!

There are certain stories that unite us all.

Through telling stories, we feel connection, and similarity, yet can also define and create our stories through our own uniqueness. No one else can write the story of our life – its what makes us unique, yet we all can relate to certain themes and feelings. When we tell our story, we are asking for attention from those we care about or wish to affect.

Did you know that Wednesday is National Tell A Story Day? (April 27th)

Don’t believe me?  ://

In celebration of Tell A Story Day, tell a friend a story, or encourage them to share their own.  Share this post and use this as a guide!

Three-Act Play Story Structure – or, structure your life as a piece of theatre with this handout…

Listen to an Interview for more Story Inspiration

I was so excited to do an interview with Robert Sharpe, on BITE Radio, about the power of sharing our stories. Give it a listen and find out why you have a story to tell, and how to start sharing it!

You can listen to it at BITEradio.

So why are stories so important?

Telling our stories helps us process what happens in our lives. Through our shared experience, we can heal. It’s not the details that matter – suffering is relative. By sharing our stories, we can connect with others who feel the same way. We suddenly feel less alone, in our ever-unfolding narrative.

7 ways to start sharing yours…

1.) Make a mantra: When the weather’s beautiful out, I love taking nature walks and reciting this mantra to myself:    breathe in experience, breathe out your story – Breathe in.  When you exhale – what is that truth you are aching to express today?

2.) Read a children’s book: Does anyone remember this book?  All it is is white splotches – clouds – and it’s up to you to decide what shapes these “clouds” are taking.  Children’s books make stories out of anything  even white splotches!  There’s nothing like a kid’s book to get your mind thinking like a storyteller.  Pick a good kiddie read and find the adventure in your own life.

3.) Write a line a day: This little book is the best investment I made.  For me, the idea of “journaling” every day is daunting.  Will I really have time to commit?  This is a little journal where there’s literally only room for ONE line – and it’s for five years!  It makes me a bit teary-eyed lookiing back on mie – I’m on year four already.  If I go to the very first entry, it’s after my worst surgery.  The next year I’m doing my show.  The next year I met Brandon.  The next year I’m a wife!

I can’t recommend a journal like this enough – It’s your story…in time-lapse mode!

4.) Find your story-song:  What am I talking about?  Have you ever heard a song on the radio that really resonated with you, or with a certain time in your life?  Did one song remind you of a terrible break up, or your first kiss, or that party you just couldn’t stop dancing at?  Today, find that song and share it – tada.  Story shared.  This is mine:

5.) Send a card just because:  Snail-mail.  Ah, how I miss it.  I love sending cards because, well, they give me an excuse to write!  With a pen – how old fashioned.  Today, send a card to a friend, just because.  Thank them for the impact they’ve made on your life – big or small.  In doing so, you’ll share with them how they’ve become part of your story.  And connections make our stories stronger!

6.)  Be in the moment.  You don’t always know you’re telling a story as you’re living it.
7.) Talk.
  Simple, I know.  But speech is healing – and not always as easy as it seems.  I learned that first hand when telling the difficult story of my abuse.  Talk about difficult things, and talk about happy things too.

So go on and tell your story!  But first…

Which step are you starting with today?

Everyone has a story.  After mine was featured on TODAY with Kathie Lee and Hoda, I was inspired to bring out the stories that unite us all.

  • 27 Lessons I’ve Learned from 27 Surgeries

  • The Power of Our Stories – Starting With A Gratitude List

  • Amy telling her story in her one-woman show Gutless & Grateful

  • Telling stories through music – original songs

  • Amy’s Power of Words Workshops

  • How Creative Therapy Saved My Life

  • Amy’s Art – telling stories through creativity

Why should you share your story?

The more stories we hear about turning an obstacle into an opportunity, the more empowered we are to transform our own lives and have confidence that when life DOES surprise us, we’re capable of getting through anything.

Do you have a detour to share?

  • Did life go a different way than you had expected? That’s a DETOUR.

  • Has that unplanned event in your life shaped who you are today? Then, you’re a DETOURIST.

So what does a Detourist do?

Keep traveling, and share their story!

I want you to tell YOUR story of how a detour in your life shaped who you are today.

Be sure to read the Guest Post Guidelines, then write me about your detour here, or use #LoveMyDetour on FacebookTwitter or Instagram 

Happy National Tell a Story Day!

What’s your story?

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