On Bon Bon Break: 10 Inspiring Ways to Keep Hope Alive

In difficult times, it’s hard to keep up hope.  But it’s the hope that gets us through to the other side.  When we hope, we suddenly feel less alone, in our ever-unfolding narrative.

You can look through history books, cartoon heroes, and the people in your own life for inspiring examples of hope in action.  Hope is the tiny promise we make to ourselves that one day, things will get better.  Here are 10 ways that have inspired me to keep my own hope alive.

1. Try to see the good in circumstances.  It wasn’t easy, but, when stuck in hospitals throughout 27 traumatic surgeries, I kept a gratitude list so I could remember that there was still good in my life.  It helped me see things differently.  What is the opportunity in your obstacle?

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How do you keep your hope alive?

Amy OestreicherComment